On Wisconsin

Yeah… I know. I’m not supposed to be political. But it IS a song after all. In fact, I believe Paul McCartney owns that one!

However, I’m compelled to write in the aftermath of the recent historic recall election in my former home state. Governor Scott Walker is no friend of mine, nor anyone I know. I’m ashamed for the people of Wisconsin that they fell for the bought and sold tactics of an absolutist dupe of big business.

As I spent most of my formative years in Wisconsin, playing in a variety of blues, rock and country bands, I knew it mostly to be the birthplace of the Progressive movement and home of hard swingin’ Senator William Proxmire, who would take on anyone who was trying to bullshit the public… especially his constituents. I was proud to say that I was from Wisconsin when I toured other parts of the country.

I think I’ll go write a blues song and dedicate it to what used to pass for a liberal state. God help us all if this is an indication of where the USA is headed!