One Thing Leads To Another

Sometime in mid February I came across an ad in the sports section of the Chicago Tribune about a song contest sponsored by WGN radio, the broadcast home of the Chicago Cubs, looking for a new song to promote the Cubs games this baseball season. I thought about if for a second and decided I should enter the contest. Nothing like some good old free publicity! The resulting effort, Rockin Right at Wrigley, did not ultimately win the contest, but was one of three finalists out of over 300 submissions. It was a lot of fun and led to some new relationships at the radio station and beyond. One of those new friends, a fellow most excellently named Maximus Squirehogg, was a huge supporter of my song entry.

Seems Max has had an ongoing relationship with the Jonathon Brandmeier show, having contributed numerous parody songs and gag voice-mails. Of course, this endeared him to me since I have my own little twisted history of producing parody songs. In the mid-eighties I gained international infamy in the guise of Guy Herman and the Bubbler Boys, with our rendition of I’M A MILWAUKEEAN. It was a loving tribute to my then hometown, done as as parody of Boy George’s KARMA CHAMELEON. As soon as Max learned of this, we became new BFF’s.

Which leads to the current inevitable partnering on a new parody song, NATO Chicago Video, a hilarious puppet led rendition of the Village People’s YMCA. The song is a warm hearted welcome to Chicago for the upcoming NATO summit. I supplied the vocals, while Max produced the video and Sillypuppetguy provided the excellent puppets. The viewer numbers just keep growing everyday.

This is just another example of “you never know where things might lead” And I’m always putting it out there, knowing that that is exactly what will happen. So…where next?