In the first half of the last century, the ground in America began to shake. Small tremors, felt only by those close to the ground. They were coming from taverns and clubs in towns and cities. The ground was starting to shake with jazz, and the shaking took on the rhythm of the blues.


In the 1950s the earthquakes began in earnest. Older people nailed down the tables and protected the china while the young people moved with the pulse that was stretching across the land. The blues had given birth to rhythm & blues, which in turn had sired rock & roll. And the beat went on and got louder. And the quake was changing the landscape of all our lives.


For those who were born onto this shifting ground, the cadences of popular music became the sounds of their lives. Like the land in which they lived, they were formed and shaped by the emerging music - the music which was now fueling a societal revolution with its recklessness and anger, love and despair.


This was the America that greeted a young expatriate at the Milwaukee airport.

Coming Home

The son of an American G.I. and his pretty war bride, Derrick Procell was born at a U.S. Army hospital. He spent his childhood in Germany and Venezuela, and when he returned to the U.S. he had not yet learned to speak English.


To help him master the language of his native country, he sang the songs on the radio. Everything about that music saturated his soul. It was then that he committed to the love of his life: American music.

A Life in Music

 Derrick has spent his life loving and performing American music. He’s written hundreds of songs, all of them steeped in the genres he knows so intimately - blues, rhythm & blues, country rock, rock & roll, and soul.


Derrick is not a 20-something copying what he’s heard from those who went before. He’s been there. He’s traveled the road and learned the hard lessons and savored the beauty of it all. He tells stories – the stories of all our lives – through his songs.


These are songs with a depth and a knowing the come only from living fully and long. These are songs performed with brilliance, passion, and honesty by a man who’s been singing for enthusiastic music lovers for over 40 years. 

Who's "Derrick an American?"

 This web site has grown out of Derrick Procell’s search for kindred souls. We hope you’re someone who, like the rest of Derrick’s fans, loves these very American songs. Of course you won’t know you love Derrick’s music until you hear it, so give us your email to download Who Will Tell Lucille, Derrick’s tribute to the King of the Blues, his gift to you.


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